gift for a fellow PF member......

  1. awhile back vanojr9 was nice enough to pick something up from the coach outlet for me and this is my gift to her.....a little bicolor kelly :P made out of swarovski crystals and freshwater's nothing much but i hope you like it Sarah's so small it was hard to get a clear image of it
    kelly 003.jpg kelly 004.jpg
  2. OMGOMGOMG I love it!!! How beautiful and how crafty of you to make such a lovely little bag!! I'm so excited - I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous little kelly bag :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Jen, you're absolutely the best!! :lol: Thank you so much!!
  3. jc, that's so thoughtful and sweet of you!!! And so creative too!
  4. omg!!!!! so darling~~~~
  5. that is so cute! very creative!!!
  6. That is so cute! And so thoughtful, jc :love:
  7. that is so thoughtful of you. you have great taste in gifts. that is adorable!
  8. jc that's the cutest thing EVER! You are so talented AND thoughtful :smile:
  9. Aww, I thought you were VERY sweet but now I KNOW you're TOTALLY sweet! VERY nice and thoughtful!
  10. it's soo pretty
  11. That is soooo sweet! How cute is that?!?!?! Just adorable! What a wonderful talent you have! Very creative!
  12. awww ladies thanks so much for the compliments i love to make things for fellow members :P........but it was the least i could do after sarah stopped by the coach outlet and picked up this makeup pouch i'd been looking for........i love the forum :love::nuts:
  13. Very creative and a nice little talent you have!
  14. How creative! That is too cute :biggrin:
  15. So sweet. Its hard to believe how many great girls are on this forum. I wish all of you lived in my area!! Your Kelly is adorable.