Gift for 20 Employees

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  1. I need help!

    I have to come up with a gift for 20 female employees and 1 male for a job well done on a recent project.

    Budget: $400 per person

    Something preferably engraveable.

    Any thoughts?

  2. iPad mini

  3. :biggrin:[​IMG]
  4. Hermes scarves! 70's (not jewelry, but...)
  5. Great idea since it's a work-related gift. Jewellery is too personal and people have different tastes.
  6. gift voucher from tiffany?
  7. Round Tag Bracelets and a Money Clip from Tiffany and Company

  8. On the iPad comment, Target has full size iPad 2's for $299 (deal expires 3/15/14) and if you use your RedCard you'd get 5% off your purchase and could include a gift card for a case etc.
  9. Tiffany suggestion above is a good idea too. Tiffany offers 15% discount for corporate gifts. They engrave too. Tiffany clocks used to be a standard gift, but not sure if people get excited about that anymore. How about an engraved business card case? Crystals? Although personally I would be happier with an iPad mini, Tiffany is a classy option.

  10. Although it would be great to have a larger size iPad, I would take into the consideration that the new iPads now all have retina display. It makes a big difference on screen resolution and clarity. When I first switch from iPad 2 to iPad Air, I felt like I just came out of a cataract surgery :P
  11. Visa Gift Cards - They can choose anything they want.
  12. +1
  13. Cash!! Or Visa Gift Card. Employees appreciate cash more than a gift, especially at $400.