Gift for 10 year old boy?

  1. I'm going to a cocktail party tomorrow at a very lovely couple's home... they're in their 40's and literally have everything and can get anything! Instead of bringing a traditional hostess gift, I'd like to bring something for their son. He's 10 years old.

    I have NO idea what 10 year old boys like.

    Can someone clue me in on what a fun little present might be?
  2. A game boy game? Or a cool baseball hat of somesort, my ten your old nephew likes anything that is car related. Or maybe hit blockbuster and see if there are any new kid movies out and buy a DVD? Just a few ideas....(girls are so much easier!!) lol
  3. I was also going to suggest a gameboy game. If he is a mechanically minded kid there's lots of advanced Lego stuff like the technics...a book on stuff like science experiments if he's interested. It's hard to buy 'general' gifts for kids that age because they have such diverse interests...
  4. Are they in Chicago? You could do something Bears related, since everyone will be all decked out on Sunday. I always have trouble buying for boys between 10-15, at xmas we gave a lot of itunes gift cards for the boys in that age range.
  5. I was thinking that as well!! Since you are in Chicago get something super bowl related!! Perfect!!
  6. I'm with everybody else: a gameboy game. Blue has a good idea too!

    If the kid likes science, how about a cool (but inexpensive) science kit or something from the Discovery Channel store? ..or if he likes to read then a cool new book?
  7. Bionycles(from lego) were big with my son at that age.
  8. Top 3 things that my nephews like:

    Nintendo DS
    Nintendo DS Games
  9. A shiny new quarter!!


    I like the idea of Bionicles. My 11 year old still plays with his on a fairly regular basis. Is he into books? Harry Potter, Eragon, Series of Unfortunate Events??
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, keep 'em coming! He's very bright, and I get the feeling his mom may not really want him playing tons of video games... I'm not sure what Bionicles are, but I'm going to look into them!
  11. there are lots of cute superman and spiderman action figures. i would add a matching tee shirt and a couple of matching comic books. if the boy is present for the party they will be something to occupy his time.
  12. If that's the case, maybe a subscription to Scientific American. Tristan was reading about Dark Energy/Matter and Black holes a couple of days ago!
  13. UMMMMM........ lets see..

    Ipod Shuffle
  14. bionicles are awesome. my nephew is 10 and loves them (he also loves math and science so its very intelectually stimulating for him)