Gift fo rmy mom!! Help!!

  1. I would like to get my mom a scarf for her birthday/mothers day gift. She tells me she wears lots of black and brown.. she tends to wear silver tone jewelry, she is dark brown skinned and she tells me she likes purples and oranges.. so I need a scarf ( and I think I want a fairly colorful one so she can get lots of wear out of it) that would suit... she works in an office environment and travels a lot for business ....I really kind of like scarves with contrast stitching..I really need your help ladies because I have 0 access to a store and although I've looked through the myriad scarf posts... I would still like to know what you ladies think...any pics and suggestions are greatly appreciated!!:confused1::yes:
  2. What a nice DD you are! Does she have any favorite 'themes'?
  3. Sorry...I am useless with scarves...but I just wanted to say you are such a sweet DD! This reminds me that I have to think of a Mother's Day present for my mom too...thanks for the reminder!
  4. i think the turnadot in the plum colorway or the scad in the purple would also be great choices. i assume you want to get her a new one instead of something that's been used. the circle of life scarves are beatiful and i think the jungle love in the red color way is also really fun and seems like a very popular gift.
  5. hlfinn.. I love that one..but I want to get it for me.. and I was hoping I could find something different for my mom..maybe a little more understated ...
    Rose.. I'm not sure about themes..but I am certain there can be no birds on it ( my mom is terrified of birds.. a little incident from her youth:shame:smile:
  6. what does the turnadot look like? For the scad I have to call scad and does it come in an hermes box still?
  7. ^^^ She sounds like me. I love my Riviers de Babel scarf.... it may be something to consider...

  8. Rose, do you have pics of that one tied and does it come in other colorways?
  9. omg i was JUST going to suggest rivieries de babel. it comes in a STUNNING plum colorway and one of my stores i believe still has it. pm me for the number and details.

    also the decoupages is a great scarf and comes in many different colorways. again my sa should have a few of those. here it is in one colorway from shopmom
  10. clicken- there is a whole thread with pics of the turnadot. you can check it out there.

    the scad comes in a special edition hermes box but not from hermes itself. again there is a whole thread (or two actually) about it!
  11. I second finn on decoupage. It comes in many colorways and I think the gold/beige one is also stunning.
  12. there's also one my mom has in purple and burgundy but i don't remember the name. argh. it's perfect though. shoot.
  13. Le toits de Paris in the burgundy colourway has lovely greys and cream colors in it, as well as a black and coral, few pops of red....looking for a pic. DH borrowed my digital, I will look in an old thread for pics.

    besides in my avatar that is...LOL