Gift Certificate

  1. Hi Ladies

    To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Madison Av store, I have been sent a $200 gift certificate (applicable towards a purchase of $1000 or more) to be used before 10/7. I am not planning a purchase from Chanel at the moment so if anyone wants/needs this certificate I'll be happy to pass it over.

    Mods, I do hope I am not breaking any rules.
  2. That's very kind of you!
  3. I just pm'd you!
  4. i got that too. i thought it was that you would get a $200 GC if you spent $1000.
  5. Hi ladies, it's gone now. Jeshika, my SA said you can use it towards the initial purchase too? Could be wrong, either way one ends up with a $200 gift certificate.
  6. So sweet of you to share! Good Karma!!
  7. that's so nice of you rose! i just love everyone on tPF!
  8. ooooh, really? WHY MUST THIS COME WHEN I AM ON A BAN!!!!!!! i should probably give mine away too. hahaa.

  9. Hi Jeshika! Just in case you want to give it away, I PM'd you! If not, enjoy your GC in good health! Maybe buy the dark silver flap!
  10. ITA. all you ladies in this chanel forum rock!:love:
  11. I wish!!!!! The GC is for Chanel boutiques and the flap is at.... Saks! o well.