gift cards

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  1. sorry, guys i'm still kinda new to all this :smile:

    so my brother's fiance is awesome and i love her to death. when we were at the coach outlet she saw a bag she loved (she doesn't own any coach) but she put it down because it was "way too expensive" (i think it was like 200). so my mom and i are thinking of giving her a gift card to coach (50 from me, 50 from my mom)

    One question though...

    on the website it says "The Coach gift card is redeemable online, by phone
    and at any Coach Retail store in the U.S."

    does "Coach retail store" include the outlet?
  2. Yes, you can use gift cards at the outlets :yes: Welcome to tPF!
  3. I didn't know that! Nice :yahoo:
  4. You might want to do it soon though! Those bags at the outlets disappear quick!

  5. Ah, what a sweet gesture. Hope she finds the one she wants! :smile:
  6. thanks guys!

    this is so exciting. she's totally not the type of person to spend money on herself and she totally deserves to treat herself.

    maybe i can convert her into a Coach addict and i'll have someone to go to the outlets with.......:happydance:
  7. What a sweet thing of you to do! It's great to have a shopping buddy too, good luck with the conversion! :nuts:
  8. ya she can use it at outlets...
  9. I keep trying to convert my best friend but it's not working. She tries to steer me away from the boutique whenever we go to the mall. She compares my Coach addiction to that of a Cocaine addiction. Letting me try on bags would be like being a dealer and supplying me with the crack! Good luck, hopefully you'll have a shopping buddy soon!