Gift Cards From your Sales Agents

  1. I recently started my Chanel Collection and I have so far have been lucky with receiving some thank you gift cards from the Sales agents, but Nordstroms never gave me any gift cards.... I thought I start a new link for everyone to list Dept. Store locations that do provide gift cards to their customers... Please list the locations with the best perks on this link....

    Bloomingdales in New York gave me $200 gift cards for a $800 purchase :nuts: I was not expecting that

    Saks of course in Portland Oregon during promo time

    Nordstroms in Canoga Park CA, after 3 bags nothing :crybaby:

    I have not purchased from Neiman Marcus yet.

    Chanel in Costa Mesa, CA. Nothing...but they are good so far to me, when I put myself on a waiting list for the bag
  2. I always buy from NM and the incircle points are the only 'gifts' I have ever recieved.
  3. Except for Saks, I haven't heard of anyone sending out GC for purchases (of course, if i dropped $10K or more at one time, it might be different, lol). That's amazing that Bloomies sent you something; esp the amount!!
  4. I have never heard of any types of gifts given after one makes a purchase. The only way I have heard of customers receiving gift cards is during a gift card event like Saks where you spend a certain amount and receive a certain amount on a gift card. Is this what you mean by receiving a gift?
  5. All i have received are the gift cards during the event and invitations to the trunk shows and special gifts:sweatdrop:
  6. I'm soooo new to this so I'm not sure if this is what you mean but Hirshleifers gave me a club card. For every $750 purchase I get a stamp. When I get to ten, in one year, I get a gift certificate worth $500. So far I have 4 stamps this month. I think that's what Sammiekat is asking too.
  7. cards is what I was refering to. I was speaking with another Chanel shopper and when I was telling her about my Blooomies experience, she advised me her sales agent in Florida for Saks, always sends her gift cards with all her purchases.... I was so surprised.. so I was wondering if there are others who get this special treatment....when there is no promo going on... to my knowledge there was no promo going on at bloomingdales... so I was wonderingn:shrugs:
  8. Ok thanks for clarifying. Lucky you getting that unexpected gift card!