Gift cards at LV

  1. I picked up something at LV today and noticed by the cash register a gift card that LV now provides. My SA said that it has been out for a month. It's like this credit card looking thing. Pretty much like what you can get at a Gap or Crate and Barrel but it has the LV monogram on the front. I do apologize if this thread has already been posted. Also, I'm enclosing a pic of the receipt folder that they give you when you purchase something. It's really cool.
    Louis Vuitton.JPG
  2. I like the design on the crad. Pretty.
  3. It's cute... but I rather drag someone to buy it for me at the store...
    So don't have to charge me after if it is over the gift card limited.. LOL
  4. Definitely on my Christmas list!! BTW, is that pic the giftcard or the receipt folder??
  5. LOVE it! thanks for sharing!
  6. i love that receipt cover. but it somehow reminds me of Hermes. i wonder if its the same artist.
  7. so cute! makes me want to get a gift card from LV just to get the card, lol.
  8. It's the receipt folder. TNX
  9. Oooh, a gift card from LV sounds like the perfect Christmas gift...
    I'm glad they are offering these now !!!!!!!
  10. i was just thinking that louis vuitton needs a gift card because thats what i want for christmas. now i just need to tell everyone to get me one so i can put them all together & buy a new purse :nuts:
  11. My SA gave me the card pictured earlier and another one but they are full-size note cards (like a birthday card) when I picked up my Palermo (for the second time). The envelopes had the address of my store. They're cute! I didn't get any "receipt" holder at the time, just the note cards.
  12. Oh, it's one in the same. In my store, they use these "b-day cards" to enclose your receipt.
  13. ~That's cute and pretty:yes:, I got a gift card yesterday at the LV near me and they only had the plain brown cover-very similar to their boxes:s Yours looks a lot nicer..thanks for sharing~
  14. Oh how nice!!!!
  15. It is about time!