Gift card

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  1. I received a gift card but I cannot use it online or when I call Louis Vuitton online.i do not live near a you think if I call a free standing one they can take my order over the phone? Asking here first because I do not want to call and them deny me I'm not sure how their policy works. Tia!:smile:
  2. this is an lv gift card?
  3. What type of gift card is it?
  4. no gift cards in switzerland - so I can't help you! sorry! I would just call, then
    you know everything for sure!!!😊
  5. If you have a purchase history with LV, I think they should be able to accept an order over the phone using your gift card. All you can do is call and ask.
  6. I do have a purchase history both online and in store, and was told I can only use the LV gift card in store:sad: it's very inconvenient, IMO. But in lucky enough that I have a store close by.
  7. Yes an lv gift card, I guess ill just have to make a trip.thank you for all the responses!
  8. I dint know LV had gift cards. How and where do you purchase it?
  9. I ordered a vernis cles from the Miami lv and wasn't in love.didnt know what to exchange it for so I got a gift card.super cute came with its own envelope and lux