gift card

  1. I got a 50$ gift card to Dillards from a relative. I dunno what to buy with it, but I think I will buy a bikini. When will they have the swimsuits out? Do they have a before summer sale on swimsuits? If so when is it gonna be?

    Or would you buy something different?
  2. That's funny, I have one for $50 at Kauffman's and I don't know what to buy. I was thinking maybe some shoes at the end of season clearance, but I got sick and missed that. I am thinking maybe a watch, or some cute jewelry...or maybe treat myself to some makeup/perfume...Who knows?!
  3. I think makeup, perfume as well or some sunglasses, but I'm obsessed with sunglasses
  4. :lol:I got a $50 gc for Dillards too! and I don't know what to get either! a bikini is a good call though. thanks for the idea.
  5. OMG! I went to Dillard's because I heard they were having some clearance sales on like half of their clothing. I did but could not find much of anything. I did pick up a cute top for only $8 (originally $32). :nuts:

    I cannot wait until the swimsuits come in...but exactly when will they come in.:cry: