gift card sent from saks/NM

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    I remember reading a post where a lucky gal on PF opened a Saks account in the store to get 10% off a bag and later on a got a $25 gc in the mail from them as a 'thank you' Well, my husband opened a NM card last month to buy some xmas gifts and then he got a $75 gc in the mail. Is this something they do all the time or is this a one time only gift in the mail? We don't really shop at NM that much but are these secret 'perks' for using the card?
  2. I've gotten those once in a while, I'm not sure what triggers them to send the 25$ GC.
  3. It's a perk only when you open a new store card account. For Neiman's, if you spend a certain amount (beginning at $500) the day you open the account, you get a $50 gift card. The gift card value rises as the amount you spend rises. So, don't open a new account 10 minutes before the store closes.

    As for Saks, I think they cap it at $25. I'm waiting for mine !!
  4. i've received gc twice in the mail from Saks, both 25$ for no reason -- it was just sent!
  5. My bf got a $100 when he open the NM card in december!
  6. I opened an account with NM when I bought a Balenciaga work bag and got a $100 gift card a few weeks later. The SA said the gift card amount is based on how much your first purchase is. I thought it was just a special promotion, but I'm not sure.
  7. same here, no reason! i don't have a saks card.
  8. If it is a new account and you spend around $500, you get a gift card.
    To get more bonus points to redeem them through in circle, you can keep an eye out for events ;)
  9. Good news! my hubby just opened a Saks card.
  10. Does anyone know if the gcs can be used at their respective outlet stores? I don't see the specific restriction listed, but I'm not sure either.