gift card on feb 10th??? huh?

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  1. Somebody posted on a thread that LV will be offering a gc w/ a minimum purchase on Feb. 10th? huh?
  2. I hope someone can confirm the this, and list the minimum price!
  3. This is something that Holt Renfrew will be doing. You spend a certain amount anywhere in the store, I believe and you get a GC for a certain amount. I believe it starts at $750 and you get $50 in GC for Holt Renfrew.
  4. ^this would sound more right.

    gc with purchase is not lv at all. that would never happen.
  5. It's the closet thing LV ever has to a sale here in Canada. But you have to buy the item within Holt, the free-standing store don't have this.

    Here's the breakdown from Ayla.

    750$ = 50$ ECG
    1250$ = 100$ ECG
    2250$ = 200$ ECG
    5000$ = 500$ ECG

    If you're over 500$, the managers will generally give 10% back on an ECG.

    The card can be used for anything within Holt.
  6. yep, I will picking up my Palermo GM on that night so I can get $100 ECG :yahoo:
  7. Too bad the louis Vuitton boutiques offered that!!!

  8. LOL!! I got really excited for just a moment! :P
  9. this is great news ! is it only one day on feb 10th?? thats this wednesday!
  10. I know this is a long shot, but do any of you lovely Canadian TPFers know (or if anybody can please contact) if the LV at Holts except Toronto have any Alma BB's left?

    I've been questioning this since a couple days ago, and it is completely sold out in Toronto... :sad:

    If it (any colour) is available ANYWHERE in Canada, can you please PM me?
    I really would appreciate it...I'm dying for this bag!! >_<
  11. I know that at Saks a similar promotion is offered once in a while, however LV is always excluded if you read the fine print.
  12. What do u mean by if u're over 500$, the managers will generally give 10% back on an ECG?

  13. I just called Calgary Holt and they are also sold out..... BUT they said they should be receiving some in stock soon.....

    You should check Banff LV store...

  14. LV is included in the PSN event, for those of you who are wondering.

    I'm sure she means over $5000 spent = 10% back on gift cards. (spend $6500 get back $650)
  15. will holt ship it to the USA ? I am going to canada this summer, any PSN event after April ?