Gift Card on Ebay?

  1. I am thinking of buying a Coach gift card on eBay. I will end up saving about $40. Has anyone ever done this before. I am worried that I will pay for it and get a card with nothing on or much less than they advertised. The seller has 100% feedback though. Any suggestions or advice?
  2. Honestly, I don't know why someone would sell a GC for less than the value. That's like giving away cash. Unless it was taken or something. I would be leary. JMO
  3. I have bought and sold gcs on ebay. Just make sure the seller has good feedback, and ALWAYS use paypal.
    As for selling for less, I have gotten gifts that I didn't like and returned. sometimes I don't shop at the store I got the gift card to, so I stick it on ebay in order to get some money back. Since it didn't cost me anything, I'm not losing anything.
  4. I've bought several gift cards/merchandise credits on eBay (not Coach) but I definitely would if the price was right. I'd never buy one from someone with little or no feedback or with any negs. If it was an established seller with good FB I think it's a great idea.

    I've sold several Coach merchandise credits, too. I've gotten a few gifts that I returned without a receipt and I preferred to have cash instead of the credit. So, I sold them on eBay for less than the stated value.
  5. Thanks guy for the help. Great to have help here on tPF!
  6. I would if the price is right and the seller has excellent feedback ;)
  7. I have sold 2 gift cards for Coach on Ebay... sometimes I returned a bag and didn't want anything else, needed the money more right then, etc. For the seller they would rather lose a little money and have cash and for the buyer they get a dicount. :tup: Just make sure it is a reputable seller. :yes:
  8. Geez, I never knew that you could buy gift cards on ebay... thanks for the 411! :tup:
  9. I guess I love Coach too much.

  10. I've sold a gift card for less than the value because it's a gift card and you can only use it at Coach stores. It's not like giving away cash because you can't pay bills with it, buy groceries with it or buy gas with it. You may lose some credit but if you need cash to do other things then a gift card to Coach is not worth much regardless of the value it holds. If however you want another bag from Coach, then it's worth it!

    I'd just be sure the seller has perfect feedback and use paypal to pay for it. Also have them insure it so if it gets lost, you don't lose your money. Just protect yourself like others before me have suggested.
  11. I've never bought a gift card on ebay, but good luck if you decide to do so!
  12. Yes, use Paypal and pay with a credit card so you get double protection. :yes:
  13. I have purchased Coach merch cred on eBay without even thinking twice! I couldn't believe how naive I was, but that was before I was really knowledgeable RE: eBay and all of the scams that can happen.

    Protect yourself the SAME way as if you were purchasing a bag itself. Check out the seller, ask questions to be sure you will get good communication.
  14. As a seller, whenever I sell a gift card I get two receipts from the store that state the balance (normally I go right before I send the item so the shipping date is the same date as the date on the receipt). I send one with the gift card and keep one for my self (scams work both ways- buyers can say the card was empty). Maybe you could ask the seller to provide a receipt from the store that states the remaining balance. And definitely pay with a credit card via PayPal.
  15. I bought a £300 gc for a jewellery store once. It worked perfectly. Just make sure to do all the checks first, *proof of whats on the card etc* x