gift card in eluxury

  1. do they accept gift card in elux? i wanna buy a an azur cles :graucho:
  2. I'm pretty sure they do, there are eLux gift cards.
  3. i have the lv gift card will they accept it?
  4. Hm, I don't think they will. I'm pretty sure LV gift cards are to be used at LV boutiques and counters only. I could be wrong though so wait for another member to reply! :flowers:
  5. Yeah as far as I know, elux only accepts their own gift cards.
  6. LV gift certificates can be used at LV stores but not at LV counters inside of department stores. (ex: LV gift cert. can't be used at the Bloomingdale's LV counter - I've asked this question directly at Bloomingdale's.)
  7. Eluxury does not share the same inventory as LV, so a LV gc won't work on eluxury. I had this same question a year ago and that is what they told me.