gift card - help! IMPORTANT!

  1. so i went to order some things online with a giftcard,
    and it asked for the pin from the card.
    i went to look for it and it was scratched off!
    like, i can't read the number its so bad.
    now what do i do?

  2. Is there a number you can call on the card?
  3. a 1-800 number.
    but i don't know what good that'll do me?
    i don't think they'd just GIVE me the pin #?
  4. i gave up.
    i called the number,
    and the lady there told me to call someplace else,
    so i was just kinda like, meh. i really don't feel like calling. lol.
    i'm just gonna go in to a store i guess.
  5. yeah, I would just go into a store if it is scratched off and it hasn't been used. :yes: