Gift Card dilemma...HELP!

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  1. Hey Guys, I going stir crazy here. So I bought the hampstead last week and had about $1,000 in cash and $350 in gift cards. I've since changed my mind and want to exchange for the neverfull which is considerably cheaper.

    But I have a major problem....The SA combined my cash and 3 gift cards into 1 gift card to purchase the bag. Now that I want to exchange and get a refund of the difference, I realized that I cant. I'm gonna go back to the store tomorrow to talk to a manager to see what they can do but Im so anxious tonight...I really dont want anything else. I dont know what to do, do you guys think they will give me a refund?
  2. they will probably give you a gift card for the difference in price...
  3. I think she combined the cash and cards on purpose. There's no way to cash out a GC and sounds like you'll be stuck with it.
  4. I think they will only give you a store credit back. Why not get a mon mono neverfull instead? Then you get what you want and don't have so much of a gap.
  5. I agree! Once a tender is turned into a gift card, you are stuck. I am sorry.
  6. they might have to turn a cash refund into a giftcard. i would imagine that they do not keep a lot of cash on hand because most of the purchases would typically be on debit/credit.
  7. It sounds like the difference will be a giftcard or store credit. Perhaps you will find an accessory you like to go with the Neverful! Hope all works out for you.
  8. Ok so went and spoke with the manager and all is well. After showing my receipts and telling her that I felt dupped, she agreed to give me a cash refund. Apparently they can only take so many forms of payments, and thats why she combined it all into 1 gift card. Now I have to wait for the Damier NF to come back into stock, as of Monday, its sold out across the country. I have to wait 3 weeks but thats the bag I really wanted so its worth it...thanks guys!
  9. Great! Enjoy your NF :smile:
  10. Glad it worked out for you! Enjoy the Neverfull :smile:
  11. Glad it all worked out!
  12. :happydance: So glad this is going to have a happy ending!
  13. Oh that's great news! :smile: I am glad everything worked out well for you!... I cannot wait to see your reveal of your new bag!