GIDDY-UP!! Take a peek.......

  1. I just couldn't contain myself - I had to share my new Birkin with the people I thought might appreciate it a little more than my dog, kids and husband (even though they SAY they love it and are excited, I somehow doubt their enthusiasm!). pony.jpg
  2. It is quite elegant. Post some modeling pictures, please. Enjoy her.....
  3. Baby!! I want to come over and pet that beautiful bag!!! Congrats...

  4. Congratulations its a beautiful bag...stunning choice of colour
  5. Beautiful!! Enjoy!!!
  6. Congratulations!!!
  7. Oh looks like a trokia HAC in choco?????
    Beautiful and congrats!!
  8. WOW!!! Stunning beikm.
    What are the specs???
    Its great to have the support of this Forum isnt it.
  9. Very chic! Congratulations!
  10. Congratulations it is such a beautiful HAC. You mean the dog doesn't appreciate it???!!! Those pets!!! :smile:
  11. Thank you fellow H-addict! It's a 35cm black pony/swift/phw. I'll send action shots of the bucking bronco as they present themselves!
  12. Congrats on your beauty! Modelling pics pls.
  13. Wow such a beautiful bag!!! Is it fun to pet ie is it soft??? Absolutely tres Chic! Enjoy her in good health!
  14. What a beauty - thanks for sharing the pix!
  15. it's a beautiful bag.
    enjoy it!!!!!!!