Giant VG City??? does this exist?

  1. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of a vert gazon GH city? Is it available, and still in stores? TIA
  2. Yes, try Saks Boca Fl. Ask for Al or Melissa.:smile:
  3. Look for Janice Dickinson in the Celebrities with B-Bags thread. You'll be slightly traumatized by the photo but it shows you some gorgeous pictures of a VG City with GH:smile:
  4. LOL, I thought that was a PT, I obviously wasn't looking that close! :wtf:
  5. I love the Giant City so much more than the Giant Part Time, even though I prefer the RH Part Time to the RH City. (confused? don't worry, so am I ;))

    The Giant City has improved a couple of things over the RH City -- bigger outer pocket and longer handles!!! I also love that it hangs nicer than the GH PT from the shoulder strap ... you can still see all the lovely GH very well!
  6. thanks, I'll give them a call tomorrow.
  7. LOL, this addition of hardware has made it confusing. I never really liked the city much before, but I saw a GH aqua city on Thursday and it was like "WOW" :wtf: and it seems a bit less "bling-y" than the GH PT.... we'll see though...
  8. Well, I'm not sure if it would be "less blingy" ... but maybe because it is smaller, it will seem more understated to you. I know what you mean when you say that the GH doesn't seem to fit your style ... I feel the same way, somewhat. But the golden glitter seems to have drawn me in. It looks so rich and jewel-like. I cannot resist. Must. get. G. H. ;)
  9. i think susan in san francisco has one...
  10. I just ordered one from BalNY yesterday and I believe they have more in stock. Good Luck!
  11. ooh cracker - can't wait to see pics! What is the price on these babies?
  12. I believe they're $1595. I'll post pics when it gets here next week!
  13. Sounds fabulous!Hope you find one, Messengerbaglover!:yes: