Giant Vert d'eau City or Work?

  1. Has anyone seen Giant Vert D'eau anywhere lately? I'm interested in City or Work. I checked w/Hgbags and she has not got any at the moment.

    Did Neiman's order this combo at all?
  2. Hgbags just had a GH city up for BIN auction like one day ago. is it gone already? good luck on your search!
  3. work! :p
  4. Yep, the city is gone already (best offer) and she had a second one which also sold.

    Seahorse - are you voting or telling me that Neiman's ordered it in the Work? ;) I guess my title was a little misleading ... lol.
  5. The Vert D'eau in the City is beautiful! I was contemplating the same purchase recently. I love it with the's a great combo. Call BalNY, they probably have it.
  6. Did she sale the giant vertd'eau she had listed in the city.. or was that my fever and barfing telling me that it was a giant. I swear she had an rh and a giant. Neimens in las Vegas had several og the GH in VD (hee v.d., sorry sophomoric humor raging w/ the insanity of the flu) in many styles call them.
  7. However, it is TDF in the RH too, and the one I got from HGBAGS has the best leather that I have seen in a long time, she has another rh one for sure right now. I should be in charge of her advertising, I talk about her every day on here. I am not a stalker, just a lover of the product... again fever talking.
  8. Really - Neimans does have Vert d'eau in the GH? DO you remember what styles you saw? Glad you are feeling better! :yes: :yes:
  9. I didn't see them, I live in the fashion desert known as Eastern Washington state... My SA "princess", yes, really her name, said that they had the city and day, maybe a day, I don't remember for sure. If you don't have a NM in your state, you won't have to pay sales tax. Wa state is not incorporated w/ Bergdorfs or NM, so I don't pay sales tax! If they order from their warehouse you don't have to pay shipping either. Keep us updated.
  10. I tell Erica the same thing! She's GREAT!

  11. Well, I called Princess and she said that Neiman's didn't buy any in the pale green ... she said this year the focus is blue and she has lots of blues.

    What is Neiman's calling the Vert D'eau, anyway?
  12. How annoying, my sister just bought a first in vert d'eau from her last month! I know that Neimans bought it in that color, maybe they do use a different name. Nanaz bought her city, I think, from NM too.... suspicious... I'm so sorry. Does anybody else have some suggestions for fiatflux?
  13. And not just the rh either, because my sister chose the first rh over the city w/ gh because it was so much cheaper.
  14. Maybe she thinks of it as a blue? It didn't occur to me at the time....

    I really would like to know what Neiman's is calling Vert D'Eau because that's the second frustrating experience I've had with an SA trying to describe the color ... the other SA was insisting the only green was "Vert Gazon." ....
  15. I saw a few Ver d'eau cities w/RH at Neimans about 6 weeks ago - so maybe they are just sold out. Good luck.