Giant Traveler Undercover as a Mommy Organizer

  1. I got my aquamarine traveler today (I had ordered a french blue, but I'm guessing the SA assumed the aqua was french blue). Its okay, as I'm pretty sure that the GT didn't come in french blue anyway.

    Anyway, I don't travel a lot since I have two toddlers, so I decided to play around with her and see what else I could fit inside.

    As you can see, it works pretty well as a nice diaper bag/ purse organizer for a mom with a toddler. I put two diapers, a notebook, a baggy of wipes, a baggy of animal crackers, and a checkbook inside. She was pretty stuffed, as you can see. But, she still fit nicely into my day bag. It will make it a hundred times easier for me to switch purses! I'll probably play around with her a little more and see what else I can put in there.

    She's expensive - costs almost as much as a whole 'nother bag - but I think she really functions like one. She can be a purse/travel organizer, the ultimate wallet, or a clutch.

    Enjoy the pics!

    P.S. I got her from Barneys. If you gals ever need to order anything from Barneys, I recommend you call the Chicago Barneys and ask for Nanette. She is an absolute angel. Very thorough and accomodating and is willing to hunt the ends of the earth (well at least to the ends of every Barneys) to find what you are looking for and will always call back when she says she will.
    traveler.jpg traveler2.jpg traveler3.jpg traveler4.jpg traveler5.jpg
  2. WOW :yahoo: Concrats - who thought the Giant Traveler could be a diaper bag!!! I'm leaning more and more towards the baby-wagon... :roflmfao:

    It looks fantastic - I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to se even more pics of ideas for use...
  3. wow.. congrats! and it's so cute what u fill in LOL

  4. Congrats :yahoo:Looks like you and your little one are set to go.:p
  5. I love it, I want one :drool:
  6. I love it!!!!
    I just got a GH traveler as well but in bleu glacier, I will post pics soon and like you I have a toddler, I think I will do it just like you.
  7. Creative thinking! Looks great and should be very useful. . . Now can I have some animal crackers, pleaase :angel:
  8. that's creative for a hip purse:p gave me an idea to stuff an oval clutch with diapers, wipes, box juice, crackers...etc and still be a one hip hot momma! :wlae:

    i wonder ....if dh will carry it for me thou :rolleyes:
  9. Lol! Yeah, I probably eat more of those than my kids do. Yummy. I also have these organic/natural oatmeal ones that are so tasty - the first bag I bought, I ate practically the whole thing.

    Badbananagirl - the bleuglacier sounds divine! You'll have to post pics.

    And bagdizzy - I'm jealous of your oval clutch. I am still on the hunt for mine.
  10. you never might find one soon:smile: some SA's are very good in finding things...
  11. Woah nelly, that traveller can fit a lot of stuff! I really like the leather on yours, Circoit. It actually makes me really want one - I wonder if I should order one in a fall color. I do have a question, would it fit inside a city easily?
  12. omg! :drool:
  13. Yeah, I was really surprised at what I could stuff in there.

    I'm sure the GT would fit just fine in a city. I put mine into my parttime and I still have plenty of room. In a city, you might not have much room left over, but enough for another wallet and a few other things.
  14. It's so pretty!:heart: Congrats, Circoit!:yes:
  15. Congrats Circoit! Your traveler is beautiful. I'm glad you're getting so much use out of it.