Giant Traveler enabling/talking out of...

  1. So ever since I saw pictures of Jade's Giant Traveler I have been lusting for it. Last night my best friend and I saw it and I need to know if I 'need' it. I could use it because I do travel a lot but at the same time do I need it?
  2. Of course you need it!!! You said that you travel a lot, and it seems like it would be the perfect size and it has all of those handy little compartments!!
  3. I say yes, as long as you can justify it. ;)
  4. If you travel a lot, then you NEED it.

    BTW, if you are a Posh fan and happen to be in the Chicago area in Feb., I got the following event notification from the Saks womens store:
    Meet Victoria Beckham and view her dVb denim and sunglass collection.
    Friday, February 15
    12 to 1
    Denim Shop On Five
  5. Thanks chi town! I wish I was going to be in Chicago but I won't unfortunately. I did meet her and David a few years ago and they are super nice!
  6. You are welcome. Too bad you won't be around! You should get that bag you NEED, fill it with stuff, hop on a plane and pay a visit to VB in Chitown! :nuts:
  7. That would be a good idea but I already have plans to go to San Fran. Any other enablers?
  8. Of cos u need it! I use mine all the time, not just when I'm travelling :smile:
  9. Jade, how do you use it other than for travel?
  10. If the travel is for business...sounds like a tax write off to me...of course you need it!
  11. I wish I could use it as a tax write off...I'm trying to figure out how to justify it for when I'm not traveling. I can't use it as a clutch since I'm a guy so there's the dilemma...
  12. Need schmeed! Buy yourself the fabulous bag! You deserve it!:tup::yes:
  13. Thanks for the's not quite so much a bag. It's a travel organizer...