GIANT TRAVELER - clutch...

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    It retails for $865 and is now currently available at Barney New York, New York (As featured in Women's Wear Daily accessories edition)
  2. mmmm I think this is expensive for what it is, Do you know the measurements? it doesn't look that big from the pic.
  3. wow, that's $$$!!!
  4. That doesn't look that big. I just got a LARGE toilet case and it's BIG but not that expensive! Too big for me though.
  5. Wow! :nuts: By no means am I an authority on Bal Accessories, but sheesh! that seems like a lot of dough for that piece! :shame:
  6. well if you compare to the reg hardware lcutch, which was almost $700 if i remeber right....I guess it makes sense....but no way I would pay almost what I would for a first.....
  7. For $130 more, I can use a First as a "clutch"! :p
  8. $865 could buy 4 mini coin purse!!
  9. oh my.... i'll take that 4 mini purses :yes:
  10. Love the color....
  11. Thanks for the info! If anyone knows the measurements on this, I'd love to know!
  12. MRG ... I think the large Toilet Case is one of the styles that AtelierNaff has been trying to get a picture (and details) on. You should send her the info so that she can update the "Motorcycle Styles" section.

  13. ooh... great idea!! u should email her at ateliernaff@gmail.comm :party:
  14. This season's WWD Accessories had a pic of the Traveler in Black. Looks real pretty! Sorry for the graininess, this is from my digicam.
    My Bags 020.jpg
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