Giant Tiffany Diamond article

  1. I was going to copy the article with the photo, but I read the tPF rules and decided not to. BUT, here is the link and an amazing photo of a 128.54 carat yellow diamond that was worn by Audrey Hepburn when promoting Breakfast at Tiffanys!

    And even better, this rock is on public display at the Smithsonian through the summer!!

    Article from Giant Tiffany Diamond on display
  2. wow that's so gorgeous! what is it about big shiny rocks?
  3. I really wish they would have set it next to a coin or postage stamp. Measurements - how hard would that be? C'mon!

    Isn't it a beautiful stone? :love:
  4. I saw this at Tiffany in NYC!! it is stunning IRL
  5. I saw it there too! It is AMAZING in person!
  6. i'm not a fan of yellow diamonds in jewelry but i love this. i love the setting and the bird is gorgeous.
  7. wow! :nuts:
  8. I love that bird, it's almost as amazing as the diamond itself!
  9. Im in love with yellow diamonds, wow i'd pass out if i saw this!
  10. wow!!:nuts:
  11. i wish i could have saw it at tiffany's in NY when i was there. i wonder if it actually was there when i went. did they just put it there recently?
    and i'd love to see a picture of audrey have that on her finger. i wonder how large it looks on!
  12. wow, that is a beautiful diamond!!
  13. Whoa! Big yellow diamond! :wtf::drool:
    When I first read this thread title I thought there was a giant article on Tiffany Diamonds... I think I need more sleep...
  14. beautiful!
  15. what does IRL mean ?