Giant Sunglasses: In or Out?

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  1. Last Summer was the year in my opinion of the huge sunglasses:love: . Chanel, Dior, Oliver Peoples...all had some amazing TDF ones. Myself, I got in on the L.lo craze and skipped over to Saks and bought a pair of ginormo Oliver People's in Tortoise. I liked the Chanel ones, but wanted something a bit more understated with more sun protection! Anyway, I still see some celebs still rocking the big sunglasses...Nicole Richies sometimes goes a tad overboard, but I think the trend is still in, what about you? Here are some examples of what I mean---



    By the way, the sunglasses on Brit, MK&A and the last model are the same--Dita Supa Diva in Black/Cream and Dita Supa Diva in Tortoise:love:
    Funny how they can look SO vastly different on different people, eh??
  2. Giant sunglasses are in! I love them and that's all I wear. I love my Chanels... :love:
  3. I'd definitely say in :biggrin: I want to find some that look good on me!
  4. I think in magazines it'll say they're out. but in my opinon its a timeless classic always IN!!
  5. I think they are still in. I stay away from the giant sunglasses because I have a small face and I look stupid in them.

  6. I love them because I have a round face and huge sunglasses make my face look smaller :biggrin:
  7. Definitely in, but not my thing!
  8. In but not my thing!
  9. I'd say still in, but I would stay away from overdecorated shades and stick to the classics - black or brown.
  10. I don't know if they're in or out, but I love them! I have a pair of huge white Oliver Peoples sunglasses that I love :nuts:
  11. I think its a choice, if you love them, there in, If you dont there out.
  12. I have a huge pair of Coach in burgandy. I love them.
  13. The glassses that MKA are wearing are vintage Ted Lapidus, people often mistake them as Dita and so has the media. They even featured them in Us mag as Dita but they turned out to be TL. But I love them! They are def. IN!!!!
  14. I think it depends on what your personal style is like. If you love them, then they are definitely "in". Personally, I look completely ridiculous, so I prefer something pared down.
  15. i love big sunglasses, but i'm so small that they look stupid on me.