Giant Squid Attacks Jersey Shore!

  1. I picked up a Weekly World News while at my dads this week (I was bored).

    Just wanted to make sure you east coasters were alright out there!

    I love this mag.

    ooops. mispelled "attacks!"
  2. HAHA! I saw that cover the other day! I was like, "MOM! Look!" and she's all, "OH NO!" Yea... hehe
  3. A giant what? :roflmfao:
  4. Really? I have to look this up now.
  5. DO you know what town it was?
  6. I absolutely love the weekly world news!!

    ...I wish I could get it here :sad: I looked on the military base, but they don't carry it :sad: :sad: :sad:
  7. It's fake... that whole magazine is a sham and purely for entertainment value...
  8. too funny!
  9. It should say New Jersey Shore attacked by droves of fat hairy men in speedos. That would be accurate:yucky:
  10. The WWN is hilarious!

  11. ^^ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! NOW THATS accurate......HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!
  12. Great bagnshoo...I have reservations at Cape May next weekend for my anniversary! Happy Anniversary, I get attacked by some man-eating squid, however, that would make a lot of fresh calamari
  13. I saw that at the gorcery store too, Weekly News World is hilarious!
  14. don't be so sure now! there is also a very informative article about how microscopic aliens might be living in your carpet!!!!:wtf:

    first clue: Fibers appear to move slightly and fairly frequently when no one is around....

  15. Yes, I believe Sgt. Henderson of the State Police was quoted as saying, "If it comes back, it's calamari."
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