Giant Silver Hardware Club!

  1. Is plomb kind of like black? or maybe anthracite?
  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE :heart::heart::heart::heart: my GSH City Papyrus

    So many girls are for the new Rose Gold Hardware but I think it makes the balenciagas less dressy. It gives the bag a vintage look, which is less chic than the GSH !!!!!!

    My Papyrus is the best neutral ever ! The GSH goes perfectly with the color of the bag, and I can wear it with EVERY COLOR !!
  4. which year's Blue roi is yours from?
    Gorgeous collection!
  5. My 2009 Noix GSH City
  6. 2008 Ruby GSH Flat Clutch

    2009 Officier GSH Flat Clutch
  7. Posting these everywhere!
    My Raisin and Tomato GSH Works.

  8. [​IMG]

    2010S/S BLACK PT
  9. My 2 year old GSHW black city although it still looks like new as it doesn't get a lot of use

  10. ~ city:

    ~ maldives
    ~ galet
    ~ nacre
    ~ metallic pewter
    ~ gris ciment

    ~ shoulder:
    ~ argent
    DSCN2661_opt.jpg DSCN2662_opt.jpg DSCN2654_opt.jpg DSCN2642_opt.jpg DSCN2657_opt.jpg
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  11. TDF! I'm looking for a PT Papeete w/ GSH!!!
  12. Gorgeous collection dlynn
    I just sold mine, missed it and was lucky enough to get her back...she is on her way back to me yay
    '07 black gsh city

  13. My raisin city belongs here!
  14. image-2363733476.jpg

    Granny Green GSH '09
  15. You were never meant to part with this baby :p