Giant Silver Hardware Club!

  1. I really LOVE looking at SGH bags, so I made a club. Please join, so we can all enjoy your bags! I'll start it off. Here is the Ivory city GSH.
    ivory4.jpg ivoryback.jpg
  2. Marigold/jaune GSH work. I sold this beauty, but here she is for reference.
    bal3.jpg bal2.jpg
  3. Plomb/steel sgh Day FW '07:



  4. Violet GSH brief, $1595. The second picture represents the color best.
    violet2.jpg violet4.jpg
  5. Vert Fonce a/w 07 Part Time: [​IMG]
  6. 07 Jaune GSH City
    Jaune City 1_edited-2.jpg Jaune City 2_edited-2.jpg
  7. My one & only GSH '07 Black Brief.;):heart::heart:;)

  8. Your bag is awesome and the scarve/tie is perfect for it...Congrads!!! :yes:
  9. Nada girl, you have great taste. Well, so do I. :p
  10. 07 Steel SGH City & 07 Olive SGH Day

  11. SGH Violet Day!
    purse3.jpg group.jpg
  12. Again...

    PT Violet SGH
  13. new additions--minus the tomato wallet
  14. Giant Silver Hardware is definetely more classic looking than the Gold Ones!!

    I am in dilemma now...should i buy the dark brown part time with GSH or the gray work with GSH???

    Any advise ??

  15. Forest Green / Pine that might be going back home to mother for being a bit amateurish!