Giant Reverse Speedy Pre-Order

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I’m just curious to hear if anyone has received their giant reverse speedy that they preordered. When it was on the website for prelaunch it said “discover in stores May 10” my store has yet to receive it and I preordered in March. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks in advance
  2. Mine has not arrived yet. My CA texted me yesterday and said it might not ever arrive. He said it might get cancelled and they’ll have to refund my money :mad:
  3. I thought someone posted on one of the threads, that it had been scaled back to a June release date ? If I can locate I’ll repost .
  4. Oh no.... I have not been happy with the preorder experience..... I wish I would have just ordered it during the prelaunch on the website. I had the chance to.... I hope we eventually get it.
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  5. If I do not eventually receive mine, I'll be writing a complain to LV HQ for explaination and clarification.
  6. If you really want the speedy, your best bet is to get in contact with an SA. My SA told me that boutiques have been getting them. Unless the store itself has a list of interested clients that they contact first, the bags are put on the floor for sale. The SA can keep an eye out for you and when they see one available, they can contact the store and purchase it for you. You have to pay in advance to request a bag from another store now.

    Other threads have talked about it, but pre-ordering doesn't always guarantee you first-dibs. Otherwise, those who pre-ordered would have them and none would be going to stores.
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  7. Update: I received the call today that my reverse speedy has come in can’t wait to get it. Thank you for the feedback!
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  8. Happy to hear that you got yours. I preordered mine in April and still waiting. My SA said it will be mid- June. How do you like the bag?
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