Giant Red Vermillion City Pics!

  1. Join my excitement in my new red giant city! I can't really capture the color, but its closest in the modeling pic.
    redbbag.jpg redbbag2.jpg redbbagnoflash.jpg redbbag1.jpg
  2. Congrats to ur new bag....the red is so fabulous and didn't know that it looks so nice in, enjoy it!!:yahoo:
  3. Gorgeous.:drool: You look awsome with Red. It is a happy and vibrant color. Congrats.:yahoo:
  4. OMG!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Congratulations!!!

    Don't you love it?!?!? That's the bag I have been carrying for the last couple of days. I get tons of compliments on her, she goes with everything and is super fabulous!!!

  5. OMG!!! Georgeou!!!!!Congrats!:drool:
  6. You're right, it even looks good with my army green shirt and jeans. I never thought that would have worked and it looks good with my new darker hair too:yahoo:
  7. Kittenslingerie- You hot girl! I am loving this color for you! Did you return the sandstone (or was it natural?) Congratulations!
  8. OOOH OT, lets see your new darker hair too! How fun! I should go back to dark too, God knows I'm going to turn it in to cotton candy if I keep my every 4 week highlighting up!
  9. gorgeous!
  10. I kept the sandstone too. I like the hair color too, its dark blonde. I'll post a pic soon, and those hi-lites do fry the hair once the bleach starts overlapping.
  11. Wow! That looks gorgeous!
  12. WOW!!!:wtf: I Want one too!!!!
  13. It is so darn beautiful!!! :nuts:
  14. Wow!!! Congrats on the amazing bag. I am stunned by its beauty. I have never thought about red with GH, it is stunning.
  15. Wow, that is one hot looking bag! You wear it well. Congrats!