Giant Purses

  1. xxxxxxxxx
  2. alrighty!
  3. Hmmm, did I miss something??
  4. lol, well i love giant purses :smile:
  5. :confused1:

    i like giant bags my large carly
  6. Yep, count me in on liking big bags too....uh yeah, cool:confused1:
  7. I like things big. :o
  8. ^^ i'm with you on that.
  9. The original post had nothing to do with purses. It was three looooong paragraphs talking about obscene and disgusting things. If you guys click on the profile he/she posted another post that also got deleted.
  10. Yay giant bags!
  11. Yay for giant bags and for our mods!!
  12. i love that mods are on top of things here ;)
  13. Gross
  14. Yeah...I reported the original post...and I think someone else did too because by the time I was done entering the report the person was sofa king banned. It was seriously offensive and had NOTHING to do with purses!

  15. I did :yes: , I read it and I was just "ugghhhh" What does "sofa king banned" mean???