Giant pig in my Neighborhood!!

  1. I had to share this with you guys. I live in a suburb of Fort Worth, TX and there is a lot of new construction around my neighborhood. As I was driving home this afternoon I looked over to my right and in the middle of the field there was the biggest black pig that I have ever seen. There isn't any farm land in our area just a few heavily wooded acres. The pig looked like the pic I have attached. I took my husband by to see it and he agreed that it looked domestic but that it was probably wild and probably very mean. I am sure that it lives in the woods nearby. I hope that his little pig family is safe from all the construction!! I think that I will call a wildlife rescue, maybe they can take him somewhere that his home won't be destroyed. What do you guys think??
  2. LOL! We had a pig in our front yard last summer, but it had escaped from a neighbor's yard. We live in the country.

    Before we realized that, though, somebody else on our road called a horse rescue center and they were able to help capture it, even though it wasn't a horse.

    Maybe your humane society or sheriff's dept. has a suggestion. It seems to me that the pig belongs to somebody and would probably love to find his way home.

    Good luck and thanks for helping him!
  3. I grew up in the desert and remember coming home to a wild pig in my yard. It may have been a boar. All I know is that I was little and scared lol.
  4. Definitely call wildlife rescue.

    Now, since I only just saw this thread today, I'm guessing you've probably already called wildlife rescue by now.
  5. OMG!! :nuts:

    We live in a nice neighborhood in the Bay Area, avg house price $700k ish

    So one night we were in the hot tub out back and heard some weird noises. We peeked over the neighbor's fence and LO!! Two GINORMOUSE potbelly pigs. :wtf:

    The neighbors kept the yard impeccably clean and the pigs made little noise at all, so it wasn't any problem.

    Only some upity nasty other neighbors called the city and reported the pigs so the HoMo's had their insurance revoked and were forced to sel and move :sad:

    The irony was that the new HoMo's are OBNOXIOUS and far more disturbing the pigs ever were. :death:
  6. Hmmpf* that's what they get for being jerks!

    Kyla, let us know what happens and good luck!