Giant photos from cultstatus

  1. Just got these from my SA :tup:. still kinda undecided on the silver giant, but love the colours!
  2. here they are...
    work.g1.jpg work.g2.jpg work.GG.olive.jpg c.p.w.jpg
  3. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing.

    I know what you mean about the GH, but on the Work style, I think it
  4. Love them! Great pics...:yes: So what color are your considering?
  5. Thanks for the posting the photos. Have you decided what color to get?
  6. oh thanks for the pics girlie! is that a sienna PT?
  7. Nice pics! Is that the pine green?
  8. Yay!!

    I'm gonna go in and check them out tomorrow

  9. I'm curious about the color of the part time as well... ???
  10. That's what I'm thinking...
  11. Is it not the dark olive?... im no expert though.
  12. [​IMG]
    Love this color palette!!
  13. thanks for posting these for us. eye candies!
  14. Pretty sure it's dark olive.
  15. Thanks for posting!!! I'm still confused about sienna.......there's so much variation with this color. Or is the photos.....who knows? If only I could pick out my bag in person.....:confused1: