Giant Natural Brief Question

  1. i just got a natural brief with the giant gold hardware from luisaviaroma within 4 days! my question is that the hardware looks completely different from the regular hardware. it does not have the lampo zipper and does not have any distinguishing features. i think luisaviaroma is a legit site but please give me your opinions especially any owners of the giant brief.:p
  2. I have the Giant Natural Brief as well and yes, the hardware is suppose to be very different from the regular bags.

    Large Gold Hardware with "ridges" on it
    No Lampo zippers
    No tassels
    Whipstiching around handles is double stitching instead of single
    Gold Rivets do have notches

    And how gorgeous is that Natural Leather!!:heart:
  3. Post pix please!!! Wanna seee
  4. Oh I wanna see this too!!! :yes:
  5. hi i have tried taking pics with both my camera and my cell phone and tried dowloading with no luck because the file sizes exceed what is allowed to upload to this site. i also tried zipping the file but still too big. any advice or help?
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