Giant Monogram Speedy

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  1. I have had Giant Monogram Speedy for some while now. I think it is very georgeus bag. Problem is that I guess I am too shy or something to use it. Even though I like it very much I think it just might be to much LV. What do you think about that bag?
  2. It’s such a lovely looking bag; too pretty to keep at home. Put some stuff in it and take a ride to the mall and show off that beauty. :biggrin:
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  3. I'm using mine today~!
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  4. It’s a beautiful bag! Enjoy it!
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  5. On pictures the print but I think that in person it is actually a more understated print. I love my onthego in this print and I’m not concerned about what others think about my bag, if I like it I use it :hbeat:
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  6. I agree with Emsidee. The print on the speedy is actually less logo-y than the normal speedy because of the placement of the giant logos. I love mine! But you have to be comfortable wearing it. Take it for a spin and if you don’t love it, sell it.
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  7. I have both the Giant Speedy and OTG. If you love the print, take out your new bag! :smile:. if you still feel uncomfortable you should have no problem selling it. Personally, I really don’t care what other people think of my bags. If I love it, I’ll wear it. :smile:
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  8. I would wear that bag everyday if it was available for me to purchase! But oh well it is not! At least I got the onthego in giant.