giant kelly

  1. i'm not sure if you guys have seen this before, but here's a giant kelly on the window of Hermes Vancouver. crafted out of leather (barenia?).

    photo courtesy of tresormakati, our resident baghag :


    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. :huh: it's huge!!
  3. I Want It!!!!!
  4. Can I sleep in there?:sleepy:

    :wtf: I have seen it in Brussels a few years ago and it's amazing:wtf:
  5. bloody wast of good barenia, if you ask me. cut that thing up and make me my picotin, dammit!!!!!!!!!
  6. Patz - YOU FOUND MY "SLEEPING BAG"", what was that thing doing in Vancouver of all places??!!:nuts:

    Thanks for finding it, now I have to go and retrieve the darn thing and get it out of customs.

    What a beautiful display!!:smile:
  7. Now we know where all the Barenia went!
  8. :wtf: But why, Hermes, why? :wtf: Do you realize how many bags we could have made out of all that barenia???:wtf:
  9. I Love It!
  10. now THAT's what i call a bag! i'll even make space on my bed for it to sleep on. better hugging a kelly that size than a snoring husband i say :P
  11. LOL!:lol: ....I really love it!
  12. star lets share money and buy it. one year with you, one year with me :biggrin:
  13. He,he,...I have been staring at this for awhile now trying desperately to imagine the actual size? Is it a little Minnie mouse like, you know what I mean? I don't think I can get away with it, the more I look...she's all yours babe!:lol:
  14. what size is that? I'm interested in a 40cm kelly (im a guy) to use as a briefcase type bag, i cant nearly afford it right not (finding the cash to buy an lv bag is tough at times for me) well anyway i really want to see the proportions, so that a 50 right?
  15. holy cow! imagine the big orange box for that thing!