Giant Hobo?

  1. DOes anyone have the new hobo(arena?) style with the giant hardware if you do can you post pictures please!

  2. I don't have one (yet)... but I saw it in a few colors at NM this week and fell in :heart: !! I am thinking it will be my next purchase, assuming I can find the color I want in it.....
  3. is there double whipstitching on this bag or are my eyes fooling me?
    I just noticed this!
  4. yes there is the double stitching, the GH bags are really well finished!
  5. yeah the GH bags have double whipstitching:yes:
  6. thanks for answering pinkchristie!

    Wow, I like the double stitching :heart: So are all GH bags sporting it? I was never that interested in the GH bag, but little things like this really get my attention and then I start wanting one :nuts:
  7. thanks marie1ollie for answering my question while I was still typing it ;)
  8. ^do you mean on the handle? Yes.

    (edit: you guys were faster lol)
  9. Which NM? I am dying for a blue one!!!
  10. :drool: :drool: :drool:

    I want one of these... but I can't decide on a color!! Keep posting pics!! And Shoegal, if you get one - you've got to report whatcha find to this thread!! ;)
  11. this VG GH Day bag is fabulous.....:smile:
  12. Thanks! I wish I could get one in sandstone too! They're the perfect size, not as deep as the day, where you have to fiddle around for your stuff, the shape fits me better, it's more comfortable etc. I love it!
  13. S-O-F- you can wear the hobo comfortably over your shoulder? I love my Day but yes, even though I'm trying to be organized, at times I do find it's a black hole and I have to search to find things.

    I need something that is super comfortable over the shoulder though.

    Thanks for your input!!
  14. It's extremely comfortable, not heavy at all, and much easier to get in and out of because there is more space between the handle and the opening (KWIM?). I much prefer it over the day, I sold my day after I got this.