Giant Hobo vs. Day - Help!

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  1. Gahh...have to make a decision! Not very familiar with either bag. 5'8", big boobs...(too much info, I know!)..don't want something feeling squashed against the side of my chest. Does the Hobo hang a bit lower than the Day? Do both hold a sh@#load of stuff (I travely HEAVY!!) Finally...I LOVE Bleu Glacier, but am concerned a bit about its you find it fairly flexible? Any comments, observations, PHOTOS will be ever so much appreciated. (Apologies for this silliness...not usually quite so CONFLICTED!!! :confused1::sweatdrop::upsidedown::hrmm:)

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Mmmm. I'm not sure about boob squashage (technical term) with these styles. My Day bag is narrow enough that it doesn't really hit my boobs much. I could see that happening with a wider squarish bag like the purse or large matelasse.

    My worry about bleu glacier (I've been tempted to get it) is that it may be a light enough blue to show yellowing down the road. I have noooo idea on that front, but I would love to hear about that from other TPFers!
  3. I think you'd be happier with the Day. The hobo doesn't hold much at all compared to the Day. Also, I prefer the way the Day hangs...slouchier...longer.
  4. Hi Maggien! I'm 5'9 big boobs and am thinking about getting a Day or a Giant Hobo so I'm interested in this question as well. As for the blue glacier, I'll put a picture of my Part Time up so you can get an idea. I can't see it yellowing, its not that light in my opinion. But I'm not a Balenciaga veteran. Hope that helps.

  5. P.S. I am also 5'9" w/BB ;) I though the giant day looked better on me than the giant hobo. But I thought the giant hobo also looked fine ... I think being tall helps balance out the width of it ... not that it wouldn't look good on a person of shorter stature as well. I just didn't like the fact that it held so much less ... and lost its slouchiness almost immediately once I put my stuff in it.
  6. And man, KaoKim, I do LOVVVVVEEEE that colur. (The thing I'm worried about is that this is against side of boob overflow), whereas the Hobo seems to be a lot more forgiving....i.e. can get it down past the boob squash zone. I don't s'pose, by any chance, anyone has BOTH, do they? (my little way of trying to solicit photos of both ON someone??!!)
    And you guys are the BEST, by the way!!! THANK you!!! :tpfrox:
  7. Maggien, do a search forr aqua giant hobo...fayden posted a bunch of pics of her wearing hers. She's tiny and probably a very different body type from you, but it gives you an idea....and I think there are probably tons of day bag pictures if you look in the clubhouse or the Photos wearing Bbags thread.

    The day definitely holds more and hangs in a really cool way. The hobo is more structured, and is very narrow IMO.

  8. Many thanks LMG...I'll look for the Fayden shots. I'm thinking it's looking like the Day may be the way to go....I'll look at Fayden's photos (thanks Fayden!:heart:) and then just make the damned decision.

    Thanks again all!
  9. I am a bit more "endowed" and find that either shape works with the hobo being just a bit more comfortable. I absolutely love my Day though (it does hold a little bit more, plus it is lighter). For comfort, get the Hobo, for function, get the Day.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide on!!
  10. Thanks so much Becca! When I checked in this morning on Bluefly, me decision was almost made for me...a Giant red hobo...GAHHHH........!!!!! But, of course, it was already gone. I am leaning towards the Hobo, though. Looks plenty big enough and I like the fact it's longer, so theoretically, would drop past the key squishage zone. I'll post when I've finalized this life or death (:p) decision.

    Many thanks again.
  11. Seriously, the hobo doesn't hold very much ... just fyi. Maybe I just carry way too much!! ;)
  12. Flatflux...I'll go one on one with you anyday! I carry more crap around than I should admit to. It's really a joke. One of these days, when all the kids are out and the dogs are down and the DH is...well...I'm actually going to take a shot of the JUNK I have accumulated and if you're VERY LUCKY :p I'll post it. Honestly, forget the clean underwear, if I ever get hit by a bus, they're going to have to bring in a front-end loader just to clear my :feminist: from the scene! (why do I sound proud of this??!!) But I do hear you...I may HAVE to do the Day.
  13. get the day! it's lovely.
    i don't like the hobo style actually.
  14. someone who has actually seen what you look like :p...
    I totally vote for the Day. I've seen the Hobo look absolutely stunning on Powederpuff and Shushopn but in general I do think that the Day is a much more wearable style. Plus the strap is not as long so you wouldn't have to worry so much about it sliding off your shoulder.
    I love the Day! It's so perfect for the really casual look...
  15. Thank you Sweet Fly!! The Day it is! (and guess what just arrived yesterday, thanks to your calm, sage advice???!!! :yahoo:)