Giant Hobo Help

  1. Hi girls, I receive a giant hobo today and a little puzzled with something.
    The number behind the tag representing the model and serial number should be 177288 49771I found some pictures of the bag with the tag and it all reads that way. But the bag I receive was reverse where it read: 497717 177288. Should I be concern?
  2. Does anybody have any insight on this?
    Giant hobo owners? Anybody?
  3. I think it should be fine but if you're really concerned take pics of the bag and post it here so others can help authenticate it for you.
  4. It's ok that the numbers on the tag is reverse???
    The picture I posted is the one on my bag, its reverse from all the other pictures I have seen thus far.
  5. hmmm.....never really realise that after u brought this up.......:?: :?:
  6. Where did you purchase the bag?
  7. Your best bet is to post in the authentication section.
  8. Where did you purchase the bag? I've never seen the numbers reversed.
  9. Vixy mines is the same, slightly freaking me out.

    There must be more GH people out there that can look at theres.

    Help anyone?
  10. I have 3 hobos and heres what mine are like....
    white one serial reads 177288 497717
    aqua one serial read 497717 177288
    VG one serial reads 497717 177288

    How odd but as mine were purchased from BalNY (white and aqua) and VG from Aloha Rag I wouldnt panic!
  11. OMG, I feel much better.
    It's good to know that mine hobo is not the only one with the reverse numbers.

    Pinkchristie, thanks for taking a look at your hobo's. It was very helfpul!
  12. Pink its weird that all the same style are different though dont you think?
  13. Mine came from BNY. Maybe whoever stamped the numbers at the factory that day had been out partying the night before. Here's the tag:

  14. yeah it is a bit odd.... however im not concerned as where i bought them from. Although I hope in the future it doesnt concern people if i ever wish to sell.....

    Powder your natural is TDF!!!!!!!!!
  15. Now I am worried.

    It gets me nervous when things are out of sync! and like you said it may become a problem if we ever decide to sell going forward!

    mmm confused and concerned now. Just taken the edge of my bag high!

    Yes powder that is gorge!