Giant Hobo? Are these not coming in this season?

  1. I'm on the wait list for one and so is my Mom. She talked to Daphne this AM and she said so far no Giant Hobos on any new color. So she asked her if they possibly discontinued this bag and she said that she didn't know. Has anyone seen any Giant Hobos in any of the 2008 colors? :confused1:
  2. Discountinued? :crybaby:I so hope not!! I love this style, I can't imagine that it was so unpopular that it would be discountiuned after two seasons!
  3. Oh no, this is such a great style and i can't believe they would discontinue it. :sad:
  4. Me neither....I was waiting for one too.
  5. Hi Nanaz!!
  6. Nordstrom in Sac is expected to get some of the new colors..I just talked to my SA last night:smile::smile:
  7. It's not discontinued as Nordstrom (Arden Fair) is getting the hobo in bubblegum pink fro sure and the magenta.

    I would be heartbroken if they stopped this style it's the only style I own!
  8. And they are getting the Electric Blue too!!
  9. They always seem to arrive last! But it isn't discontinued so far as I heard. I'm waiting for one, though.
  10. Thanks girls. I just read this and an email from my Mom. She has a white with silver on the way from BNY. I can't wait to see it!! So they aren't discontinued. Still no Sahara in the Hobo and still no new Slim style though.:push: