giant hardware?

Oct 27, 2006
I am a tad confused - does every new balenciaga bag from '07 come with giant hardware or just selected styles? sorry if this is a really obvious question also is the leather more or less veiny than '06
thanks Hollie xxx
Just selected styles. Some styles will also come with the regular brass hardware. Sorry I can't answer the leather question for you yet... Hopefully some of the new '07 owners can. :smile:
I received my Vermillion & the Marine. I love the leather in the Marine.. so soft.. buttery.. The Vermillion is a little thinner, and bit veinny. Anyone else got their '07 in please share.
i asked the same question in some previous thread.....and the giant hardwares are for some selected style like pewter said...there'll also be the regular hardware bbags available like usual.....i hope i can get my hands on one 07 bbag to answer ur leather question :smile: