giant hardware: yay or nay?

  1. personally, i think the giant hardware overshadows the loveliness of the leather. if i'm going to invest in a new bbag, it'll be one with regular hardware.

    which leads me to this question: is giant hardware the norm for this fall/winter collection? are there only certain colors/styles made in the regular hardware, or are all made with both? i'm in the stix, far away from any store selling bbags, so i don't have access to this info.
  2. i might change my mind about many things in life ( especially when it comes to bags ... ;) ) but i say NEVER to giant hardware ! :wlae:
  3. Personally I don't like it -
  4. I keep thinking it might grow on me, but so far, not not not another pfer said, just say no to GH!
  5. I keep thinking it might grow on me, but so far, not not not not...As another pfer said, just say no to GH!
  6. i'm with you, sister! i don't want to offend those who like it, but, um, there's no freakin' way i'm carrying that thing on my arm. it's like a versace - completely over the top. my style is more understated. and besides, i'm one of those crazy people mourning the loss of pewter hardware :crybaby:
  7. Yay for me! But I only want it in ONE bag, just to have a nice change, a dressier bag for when I want it. If I had to choose just one bag, I would absolutely choose the regular, but lord knows I have enough of the regular to welcome the GH!
  8. Yay for me !! With dark colours looks super cool althought I saw it with the new red.... me not like :sad:
  9. Nay.. I think I'm trying to so hard to see the "beauty" but I can't pull myself to buy one.
  10. I may change my mind, but for me, the look runs counter to what attracts me to bbags - simple, understated, and emphasis on the leather. So my vote is no for me, however, I have to admit that some of the pics look nice.
  11. Definitely NAY. For me. With the right outfit, I can see the natural brief with gold on someone, but never on moi.
  12. Definetely NAY for me.
  13. Yay for some colors in Work style and Nay for smaller styles because they are too overwhelming on smaller bags IYKWIM
  14. I'm a Nay -- sure, it's fun in a trashy kinda way, and God knows I like that once in a while. Who doesn't? But not for $1500 or more!!!!!!!

    For that kind of scratch, I wanna bag I'm PROUD of.
  15. GHW only on certain styles and certain colors... but still a 'NAY' since it costs almost SGD500 more :yucky: