Giant Hardware Opinions~!

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  1. I was searching this Forum on the GH and when it came out, there were more negative opnions than positive ones, expecially the not-so-pretty price.

    I was wondering if that's still the case. And was also wondering if you would get it if the price same as the RH.

    Just out of curiosity.

    I just got a GH WHITE WORK and GH CAFE PART-TIME(which I might change to Matelasse either in FRENCH BLUE or TRUFFLE in Medium or Large size)..

    I wish I have made the right choice......
  2. For me personally, I would not get the GH, but not for the reason you think :smile: I only like the First style, which doesn't come in GH, so luckily for me, I don't have to choose between RH and GH =) (oh, and I get to save money!)
  3. I :heart: the GH, in fact wondering if I haven't gone a bit overboard. I have three GH cities and 3 classic cities (plus 1 box and 3 firsts). I have a classic anthracite work that I am dying to return for one w/GH, but think four GH bags might be overkill... I have to return the classic tomorrow or my ten days will be up! Help!!!
  4. I love gold hardware. I think that it's a matter of preference. I wear a lot of gold and it complements me.
  5. As far as I know of, there is the first with GH, isn't there?

    But personally I think GH looks better on bigger bags......:smile:
  6. I love it and have always loved it. I don't mind the higher prices because the quality is different (better in my opinion).

    More substantial hardware, zippers, handles, bigger pocket outside, more room in the handle for your shoulder. I love them!!! :yahoo:

    I have noticed quite a few people say "at first I didn't like GH but now......."
  7. I'm a newbie to bbags so what do I know! I only had one bag that a friend had given me and after finding this forum and looking at all the pictures I decided that I really wanted a weekender so I passed that bag along and went to look at the bag's in person.

    I loved the weekender with gold hardware and almost bought it, except then I remember that the reason I love bbags is that they are understated yet high quality and a lot of my other bags are not. But I loved the look of it, just gorgeous.

    Ended up with a men's black WE with RH.
  8. i like the look of the giant hardware, but i'm more of a silver/pewter lover...
    i'm totally excited about possible silver giant hardware bags coming out...
  9. I don't really care for GH, myself. I see lots of pictures of TPFers wearing them and looking gorgeous, but it's definitely not me. I also think (forgive me) they're a bit more "trendy" and less likely to withstand the test of time as classic bags than the RH bags. Right now I can only afford to indulge in bags I will love for years and years, and I don't see GH being that, as nice as they look on many of you. :shrugs:
  10. Ditto for me. I like the Gold GH but only with certain colours. I have a natural Brief with GH and I LOVE IT. Not a fan of it with black though. On the other hand I love silver/pewter hardware, I'm always searching for pewter hw bags and i really really hope the silver gh comes out this summer.

    At the end of the day, get whatever you love, regardless of what others think.
  11. I'm one of those ppl who thought GH were soo tacky and ugly........ until I started the quest for my first Balenciaga bag.

    All the bags I've personally handeled at various stores the bags with GH had much shiny, scrumptious leather and were overall better quality. My DH, who disapproved of balenciagas initially also agreed that the quality of the GH bags justified the higher price.

    I think the hardware should enhance the vibrant color of the bag and complement its style rather than be excessive.

    For future purchases, I'd definitely purchase the Giant Hardware for larger bags, like Work, or Parttime, Brief...Also I'd choose either the Silver or Gold depending on the color of the bag...

    i'd probably stick with the regular pewter hardware for smaller size bags, like the First.
  12. At first i didn't like it.. then i started to like the natural/white/cafe bags with it.. now i like a lot of the colors with GH!
  13. I love my Giant Work (blue glacier) and Giant City (sea green).
  14. Well, I personally think the pictures here make them look totally awesome! And they are IRL, but I just couldn't make them work for me.