Giant Hardware is not heavy

  1. Just wanted to say this because I have heard comments that say Giant Hardware is heavy. Remember, it is hollow. My Giant Hardware City is one of my lightest bags and I don't find it any heavier than the RH.
  2. I totally agree with this. It has also been my experience that GH is not heavy.
  3. Compared with other brands that I own I do not consider my giant hardware City and Work bags to be a heavy bag. I will add that I have a lattice (woven) giant hardware bag and yes......that is heavy to me. I believe it is due to the extra leather it takes to make the woven bag and not due to the hardware.
  4. i have GH city, work and PT. i have no weigh problem with the city and work but i so feel that my GGH pt is HEAVY. i tried carry the 3 bags with the same amount of things i carry daily and trust me i feel the difference
  5. I dont own a Giant but I cant imagine its any heavier than the Mulberry Roxanne or the Chloe Paddington.

    The Roxanne is just made worse by the fact I cant get it properly on my shoulder, I have no issues with my Paddington and dont really notice until I carry my RH Twiggy.
  6. Technically Giant Hardware is heavier in weight than Regular Hardware. Balenciaga's website says, "Giant City Silver/Rose Gold lightweight 2.5 lbs but the City w/ RH is just lightweight 1.3 lbs." That's over a pound more.

    For people like me with neck & back problems, I can feel that pound plus difference and most Giant Hardware bags are too heavy for me. Many brands are too heavy for me to enjoy carrying, like Marc Jacobs (except for the '03 Frankie bag which is light enough for me) and in Balenciaga I can carry the shoulder bag GH, such as the Giant Day and Giant Hobo. Those balance well and don't feel very heavy, and their site states, "Giant Day Silver lightweight 1.7 lbs."

    The lightest weight Balenciaga bags are the Flat Brass, those are light as a feather and appear to be handcrafted. Those are two of the reasons I love them, in addition to their beauty and super fantastic leather. :love:
  7. Before I got my Rh day, I tried on both bags Gh & Rh, I felt the different straightaway. Although there wr more colour choices, I decided to go for Murier RH as I want to be able to carry my stuff for a long period of time.
  8. Hmm, i love the giant hardware and i have only purchased giant hardware city.. But lately, I noticed that my shoulder hurts badly and felt strained whenever i carry my city using the shoulder strap. It's very bad for me especially if i am shopping the whole day. And I only have my wallet and phone inside the bag ;(
  9. It's not heavy to me either, but there is definitely a difference between a RH bag and a GH bag. For Bal veterans who have been used to RH for years I would think that a switch to GH would definitely feel much heavier.

    As someone has pointed out though, compared to a lot of other bags out there, the GH is still pretty lightweight. Then again, people who carry Bal are likely to just stick to Bal, so the difference in weight is all relative.
  10. There was a thread somewhere on here where a tPFer had several Cities of different years and hardware, WEIGHED quite a few of them on the scale (empirical evidence ladies!) and Giant Hardware IS almost twice the weight as Regular Hardware. I LOVE the look of GH, but what initially and still attracts me to Bals is the lightness of the bag, for a leather bag, which still feels luxurious.

    One thing that was pointed out is that GH by itself may not be all the extra weight as the zippers used on GH Bals are also extra large to balance out the design. They are probably one or two size gauges up IMO!

    I'm not giving up on the GH, but I may try a Town next, with the mini GH!
  11. I think it's heavy and to me there is a noticeable difference if you are comparing a rh Bbag to a GH Bbag. Now if you are comparing it to a LV, Chloe, Chanel, etc. then, no, it's not heavy.

    Use a postal scale to weigh the bags. You'll see that it is quite a bit heavier than the bags with rh. Even with rh, some of my bags wiegh more than others. It depends on the year and the leather. Lightest is 2002 flat brass hobo. It is light as a feather.
  12. i find GH heavy too... no issues with RH (even with a bulky dslr into the RH!). i do get aches after carrying my GH PT for long periods though.
  13. It IS heavy. My arm aches if I carry it all day or if I put anything more than my wallet, keys, lip balm, comb in there! Compared to Chanel it is also heavy, my flaps aren't heavy at all.
  14. Giant hardware definitely is heavier than regular hardware. And I'm not sure about it being hollow, either; it feels/sounds pretty solid to me? For those of you that work in kilograms/grams, I measured my RH City versus my GSH City. 720gms versus almost 1.4kgs. Big difference, but I guess it depends what you're comparing it to.
  15. I haven't weighed it on a scale, but to me it feels very light. Then again, I am used to carrying all the brands you mention below...