Giant Hardware Day and First Questions

  1. How much is a Day with either Gold G/H or Silver G/H? If unknown, can you tell me if it's more expensive than R/H?

    and finally, is there a First that comes in G/H?

    Sorry I did a search and couldn't find an answer to these questions...
  2. The Day with GH is $1245 +tax which is more expensive than the RH which is just under $1000. As far as the first, I don't think they made them with GH, I haven't seen/heard of any.
  3. awesome! thank you!

    As for the First, i was confused because some of the City pics I've seen with G/H look like Firsts!
  4. I haven't seen any GH firsts except a few fakes on eBay, but obviously you don't want those.