Giant hardware, confused...

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  1. Hi ladies, I am just wondering, has balenciaga discontinued giant hardware ? Because I read the thread saying they are going away. But I still see them on the official website. Are they staying ?
  2. As far as I know, the original Giant hardware (G21) has been discontinued at the end of 2011. The ones on the website with G21 hardware are in previous season colors.

    The new mini Giant hardware (G12) was introduced in its place starting SS 2012 and they are going to have that one going forward, or until something new comes up :smile:

  3. Oh I see, thank you so much ! :biggrin: I was really confused before ~
  4. rachelkitty is correct....I would also like to add that there will be/have been LE GGH bags released seasonally.
  5. ^^^^ yes -in both 21 and 12 size.
  6. i'm new to bal, but why is it called "mini giant" if it's not the giant size?
  7. Because it has the "look" of the original Giant HW but is about half the original Giant HW's size.
  8. I remember you've posted a thread a year ago(?) deciding between Bal and Lv :smile: Have you decided yet?;
  9. Lol ur memory is good ! 1 year ago I am too afraid , I sold my lv but I am still too afraid to dip my toes into balenciaga ! Then, i fall in love with a brand new miu miu coffer while traveling in hongkong. Bought that one on it! It is so pretty ~~ but it was really exp :sad: so i used up my bag fund . And now, i am back again! I am dare to say I am ready for balenciaga, but will try a preloved one :biggrin: will be selling 2 other lv to yoogi's to fund this, I find myself not using the lv bag at all. I only use my speedy and petit noe. coffer, lv pochette, and sometimes ferregamo for dressier night.

    Now I am deciding if I should get a rh black work, or a giant gold hw part time ( missing strap) .... I am fear that I might not be able to grab a gold giant hardware in the future because they discontinue it. But if they will still make it, I will prolly go with the work. Wads ur take ? Help me please ....
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  11. Omg, then it is not entirely discontinued isn't it ? That means I still stand a chance buying them next year? Oh ! I am glad to hear that :biggrin:
  12. Yup :biggrin:. But I think they only come out with a colour for GGH as LE each season. I could be wrong, but you definitely won't get all the seasonal colours in G21 hw. Good luck, I hope you find something you love! Bals are so addictive!
  13. Thank you so much for all the information, I totally need them, it is driving me crazy flipping all those pages of archive ~
    They all looks beautiful anyway, one per season is great for me. So I do not need to make decision :biggrin: thank you ! They are indeed addictive ^,^