Giant Giocos?

  1. :yahoo:Everyone, can I see your Giocos?:yahoo:

    As you can tell by my siggy I'm a small purse girl. My dilema is, I think I :heart: the Gioco style (I do in pics):drool:. It seems kinda big though, and the listed dimensions don't help much. Most of the pics I've seen are of the purse alone. Can you guys post some pics while modeling the Gioco?

    Thanks bunches!!:biggrin:
  2. I have no modeling photos... Sorry! It is a pretty large bag, though. It can fit A LOT if you want it to!! I think everyone's main complaint about the gioco is all the loose fabric on the inside makes it hard to reach your things and the zipper starts from the back if you wear it on your right shoulder like most right-handers. But nonetheless, I love the bag style!!
    famigliagiocodenarofront.jpg famigliagiocodenaroback.jpg paradisogiocofront.jpg paradisogiocoback.jpg
  3. Ooooh... I'll have to take pics when I get mine in the mail... I just bought my first gioco on eBay (pirata)~ I've always loved the shape of the bag... I suppose we'll have to see how functional it is!! :p
  4. To me, it's very non-functional. *lol* Seriously, there is a SEA of fabric swimming in gioco's. The problem could have been lessened if they would have sewn the edges of the orange fabric to the edges of the exterior fabric instead of just letting the fabric fall where it may.

    Yet, I deal with it because I really like the style. :sweatdrop:
  5. That stinks... I suppose I'll only end up using it occasionally, anyway, since I've just started college and I really won't be going out anywhere~ It'll be pretty to look at, though :yes:
  6. mine wasn't super big.. i guess because i'm used to big bags nothing really phases me :p

    i sold my l'amore gioco a while back but i will try to take a pic with my citta rosa one when it comes in, if it helps?
  7. o but if you're a small purse girl it might be a bit roomy for you..
  8. Yay? Thanks for the input!! I'll be awaiting pics anxiously, wide awake, and holding my breath!! kinda looking like this -> :nuts: LOL!!
  9. I borrowed this dress form from my friend for an eBay auction and I think I want to buy it from him =)

    My husband got me this Tutti gioco off of eBay. I think there was a little bit of a bidding war for it, so SORRY! I REALLY wanted this placement, REALLY BAD..
    This gioco is empty and the dress form is an old Abercrombie model. My friend bought it for cheap because they did not pass the fire code (he has a few of them).


    This gioco is full of my stuff and I carry a lot of stuff!


    I hope this helps you decide. I :heart: giocos!
  10. Oooooooooooh, really cute Tutti gioco!! Cactus Kid right in the center!! :tup:
  11. Thx! We didn't want to buy it off of ebay, but when I saw it, I was :wtf:, then:nuts:! We paid a little over retail, but I figure it's better than driving all over socal searching every Macy's, Nordstrom, and Metropark for giocos. I tried calling around, but people were buying up the giocos like hotcakes! Tokis sure are getting more popular.
  12. i love that placement on the citta!!!!!! the airplanes are my favorite!
  13. Yeah I thought it was wierd that most stores around SD sold out of giocos really fast. With other prints I remember the giocos lasting at least a couple of weeks. I found a great gioco w/ mozarella latte and chilly pepper in the front pannel. the only down side is that the back is almost exactly the same
  14. Here's me carrying my Spiaggia for size perspective:

    I'm more of a big bag versus a purse girl. Giocos feel like they're impracticable "bags", but decent sized purses; I feel like those points reconcile with themselves with busier prints though.

    edit to add: venaca - the Macy's in North County Fair San Diego has about 3 Spiaggia and 1 Pirata Gioco left. I was there on Saturday.
  15. lovin' you spiaggia gioco! also that's a sweet tat!