Giant Envelope in Violet/Grape on hold @ Nordies

  1. -- is anyone looking for Giant Envelope in Violet?

    If so, Nordies has one on hold for me-- I can NOT afford it :push:

    PM me if you are interested :tup:
  2. I was just there on Saturday, and if it's the one I saw, it is GORGEOUS!! :drool: Someone snap this one up quick!!!
  3. My SA called me Saturday and said she had it on hold for me through the weekend, but I just can't give in :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  4. What does it look like? Is it the Clutch that's Violet with Gold? If its the one I'm thinking about...I had it and returned it b/c I couldn't justify paying $800 + for it...It was awesome though :yes:
  5. This one is BNWT: I was first on the list :tup:
  6. ACK: I forgot to call Nordies and Carol called today, saying they still had this bag on hold for me :push:

    I feel sooo guilty!!

    Someone buy this :tup: :yes:

    LOL :flowers: