Giant Envelope Clutch Color Choice -Help!!

  1. I totally thought that I definately wanted a "pop" color in the Giant Envelope Clutch, but after seeing the great pics of the Black GSH Clutch here recently, it just looked so classic, that I'm now torn. I'm on wait list for EB and Lt. Magenta and they should arrive next week so I need to figure it out now so I don't end up returning. I wish these were more readily available in stores so I could "try them on" - I did get to check out one IRL recently so I do know I love the style and size - but the color -help!!

    I wear a lot of brown, black and demin, but usually pop it with a color such as something in the blue or pink/purple family - also love greens. My wardrobe ranges from casual to dressy casual (I work in the internet field and it's pretty casual - no suits). I'm thinking that I'd use this clutch both for casual wear and also dress and heels occasions (where I often wear black, but usually a pop color in shoes or a metallic).

    What do you guys think? Classic Black GSH or EB or Lt. Magenta GSH??:s Unfortunately, both is not an option right now.:girlsigh:
  2. This is the exact same problem I am having now! I have a good collection of black purses and would LOVE a Black GSH Envelope...but am also craving for a little pop of color!!
  3. how much are the giant clutches?
  4. I say go with the pop. You can always get black one later as they always make that color. I love the electric blue and the lt. magenta is also very nice. If you can only get one I would probably lean towards the eb.
  5. I believe they are $945.

    Does anyone know when they came out?
  6. ^^ Yep $945 - not sure how long that style has been out. The EB ones aren't anywhere yet - Bal NY thinks next week. :girlsigh:

    Thanks for the feedback - I'm so torn - I really "need" :graucho:two - the Black and a Color -and yes, I'll keep telling myself that:yes::yes:

    Gosh - these are addicting - more than I thought they would be - I've only been buying them for a few months and have so many already - they are sucking up every dime of my shopping budget -no more shopping sprees at Nordy's for moi:sad: But, I :heart::heart::heart:my bags!
  7. definitely go with the pop. perhaps a pop in red? i saw a beautiful red ggh clutch at BalNY last week. i'm not sure of the name of the color because they had like 3 different reds available.
  8. Bal HK has the them in already!
    SGH - black, EB (just in on Wednesday), Magenta (veiny leather)
    GGH - BG (gorgeous leather)
  9. ITA :tup:!! I love the Black SGH because it's so chic and classic and kind of edgy at the same time, but the EB would be so amazing - especially if you tend to wear a lot of neutrals!! And, as ronsdiva mentioned, you can always get the black later. If you go with the EB, definitely post pics!!
  10. Such a difficult decision - I already have so many blacks, but not as a clutch, which would be perfect for going out at night! Everytime I see one, my jaw literally drops to the floor and I lust after one! Then again, it does the same when I see one with a vibrant pop of color..oh man, decisions, decision!
  11. is your dressy wardrobe mainly blacks and neutrals? if so i'd totally go for the pop of color!
  12. Another vote for a bright color that you'd love -- then get Black in a following season! :graucho:
  13. ^ I completely agree! I know what u mean about the black as one day I hope to own one in black in this style, too.... Since you just got a black city and a black accessory.... I think you should go for EB or lt. magenta depending on which has the better leather....both would be stunning in this style.
    You will prob. be able to find a black one more readily if you change your mind later... and you shouldn't have a prob. getting rid of the brighter clutch in the future!
  14. EB would be a gorgeous POP of colour. I am on an EB high so it gets my vote. If you want Black, do watch out on eBay, I saw one going for under retail not long ago. That seller do list a whole lot of items from time to time.
  15. What do you think about Pine? Neiman's Fashion Island has it with GGH.