Giant city

  1. Do you city owners feel that the City is a roomy bag for everyday use?
  2. it depends...what do you normally carry?
  3. ^ Exactly. It really depends on how much you normally carry. I don't carry much at all - just a small wallet, keys, cell phone, some other small random things (like a Tide on the go, lip gloss, etc.) and sometimes I throw in a compact umbrella - and I find that the City is more than big enough for me. But, I know there are other people who think the City is too small - really depends on how much stuff you plan on carrying.
  4. I think it's a good average sized purse. I use my black city as my everyday bag and it's perfect. Not oversized - just right. But like the others said before me... depends on your needs and just how much you carry everyday.
  5. and some will tell you they prefer an in-between (between the First and the City). i suggest you do a search in this forum. there're many pictures you can refer to as well.
  6. Thanks :smile:

    I am considering the Giant City in Pine
  7. I carry quite a lot around with me including a middle sized folding umbrella. I find that I still have spare space in a City.
  8. I'm also debating between the city and the work. Still can't decide. :s
  9. I carry a fair amount of stuff... normal daily purse kinda stuff...and I find that the city is a great size for it. It's just right with a bit of room to spare. I like how my things aren't rumbling around in it. I carry a small bal money, a bal makeup clutch, a bal coin, a 8.5 x 5.5 diaper pouch containing a few daipers and a plastic wipe case, a cell phone, and a LV coincase keychain combo, on the front is a rogue pod that contains my bluetooth earpiece. I acutally have some room to spare. It's a great everday size!
  10. I would be fine with the City if the pockets were wider and deeper! I really need a roomy front pocket for my larger-than-average cell phone. I don't like the unattractive bulge that it causes. Plus, I like to put a number of things in the inside pocket, and the City inside pocket is just too small.

    So, the best bags for me are the Part Time and the Day.
  11. I carry a good amount of stuff in my Giant city, keep in mind it is the same size as the regular hardware city with the exception of the 'giant' hardware. I do find that after awhile of carrying my Giant city that it does start feeling a bit heavy on the arm, so if you are planning to carry a lot of stuff you might want to consider RH.
  12. My favorite is mt blueberry work, however, when winter comes it will be stored in the closet. The work just does not fit over your shoulders if you have a winter coat. I have been digging my black parttime giant silver hardware though. It is actually starting to get really mushy and soft right now and it will fit over my winter coats. You might want to consider a parttime.
  13. I like RH City for summer, because it is very light, but I am thinking I will carry my GH Work more in the winter because the proportion is perfect for comfy hoodies & heavy winter coat and jeans! I've been working on squeezing the GH handles over my coat...:p
  14. I just got the Giant City and took it out today..and I must say it is a pretty good sized bag! I am used to carry smaller pochette/baguette style bags so this GC is the largest bag I own. Its a perfect size imo for everyday use!