Giant City vs. Giant Work

  1. I'm trying to pick out my first Balenciaga. I've decided on the color (Violine), but I can't choose between the Giant City or Giant Work.

    What exactly is the size difference? If someone has both sized bags and could post comparison photos, that would help me tremendously. THANKS!!!
  2. personally I prefer the GH on bigger bags like the work, for some reason the city with GH to me is just too much and cluttered... unfortunately I dont have a GH city to post a comparison pic... you might wana try the reference threads for the exact measurements and pics... HTH... good luck... a fellow Pfer just posted her GH violet work and it's absolutely amazing! be sure to keep us posted on what you get and finally, welcome!
  3. The GGH on the City looks a little bit cluttered to me too, but I do like the SGH on the City. Esp on Tomato! yummy

    Now the GH on all the Works I have seen - STUNNING! SGH Violet Work is gorgeous!

    Im sure many PF'ers have a better comparison with both bags, but for now here is GGH Work next to RT City. Hope this helps!
    IMG_0421.jpg IMG_0470.jpg IMG_0450.jpg IMG_0472.jpg